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About Us

Studio manifesto

We strive to… Re-imagine environments that surprise and delight.
We strive to… Design with empathy and take controlled risk.
We strive to… Dream big and challenge convention.
We strive to… Collaborate to expand our playground.
We strive to… Engage every sense.
We strive to… Create Wow!

Penny Black Interiors

Penny Black is a luxury interiors company focusing on unique design solutions for the discerning client. Based in Portland Oregon, PBI offers residential, commercial and hospitality interior design. Penny Black blends the best of British and local design in a unique, and uncompromising manner.

Stewart Horner, Principal Designer, Penny Black Interiors

Stewart Horner

Principal Designer

Born in England, Stewart spent his youth on a BMX, a skateboard, or on a snowboard. He gained his Bachelor’s Degree at Kent Institute of Art and Design. Stewart has spent 20+ years as a multi disciplinary designer. He moved to Portland in 2004 to work as Design Director at Nike. Stewart's passion for design began at an early age—never satisfied with the way things were, he would spend hours re-imagining how they could be. His approach has always been led by the principle that aesthetics and function should be of equal consideration, and that rules are made by dictators and that beauty is subjective. Stewart believes that environments and objects alike should evoke an emotional response from a distance which should be enhanced as the viewer interacts with it. Recognized for his design approach, Stewart began his interior design career in 1999 when he won the BBC Family decorator of the year competition and presented a segment on BBC’s Home Front TV program. Since then Stewart has focused his professional work on fashion design, but in 2016, done with corporate life, transitioned back to interiors and founded Penny Black Interiors LLC.

Lauren Reynolds, Penny Black Interiors Studio Manager

Lauren Reynolds

Owner / Studio Manager

Born in Boston MA. and growing up in San Diego and Los Angeles, Lauren founded Private Fashion Label ‘1002' in the early 2000s. Lauren transitioned out of the fashion business and spent time as Customer experience manager at Ferrari Beverly Hills before she met Stewart In Amsterdam where they lived before moving back to the USA in 2004. Lauren also spent a few years at Nike as Product manager before leaving the work force to begin their family. Now mother of 3 girls, Lauren manages the Penny Black Studio and is a critical component of the team.